About two years ago I relocated back to Durban, after running my own business for five years, I had gone through severe stress, and was feeling exhausted and burnt out! I also had severe PMS and heavy periods which my gynae had recommended endometrial ablation, an invasive procedure which burns the lining of the uterus.

I went to see Hayley, who put me on to her magic machine, and after a thorough consultation, recommended I make some dietary changes (less sugar, wheat and dairy for starters) and she also recommended some supplements to improve my adrenal function and balance hormones. She was concerned that with my mother's history of a debilitating autoimmune disease, which could be triggered by estrogen imbalance, and what she picked up was estrogen dominance, that the surgery  might help correct some of the symptoms but won't improve the underlying hormonal imbalance. She recommended supplements to improve estrogen ratios and reduce inflammation. Nowadays I don’t even know when my period is due and can even go to the gym as normal which was unheard of a couple of years before.

I feel like a different person! Along with recommending I take a good multi vitamin, which I get from Hayley I have become a total convert to using the different supplements that have helped me feel much more energetic, and much less hormonal!

I certainly have no hesitation recommending Hayley to anyone that I hear is not feeling great!

Toni Davey, Westville

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I was diagnosed with limb girl dystrophy which is a progressive degenerative disease which results in muscle wasting. When i first started seeing Hayley I found it very hard to walk up stairs. After following her programme including a change of diet and supplements which she explained would maintain muscle mass, increase liver and kidney detoxification, correct nutritional deficiencies and  modulate my immune system to slow the progression of the illness. The latest blood tests show that my CPK levels have actually improved  and my kidney function tests are better than they were last year as well. On the whole I feel stronger in myself and every now and on my good days I am able to walk up stairs 

Name Withheld, Durban

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

50 year old  man with uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension who despite being medicated for both still had an  HBA1c (long term glucose metabolism) reading of 8.4 when he first came to see her. Within six months of drastically changing his diet, incorporating some light exercise and following the functional medicine approach to improving his body composition, he had lost 10 kgs and halved his S5 medication. His HBA1c had come down to 6 and insulin fasting was down to 10. He had also come off his asthma medication and had more energy than he had had in many years. 

Name Withheld, Durban

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I have been with Hayley for several years now and I call her my 'health guru'! The combination of the best system as a diagnostic tool combined with Hayley's extensive knowledge and interest in health, wellness and supplements are a great combination! When I saw her for the first time I had a range of non specific symptoms- extreme tiredness, pain, digestive complaints, hormonal issues, etc which all interfered with my demanding job. All I knew was that I was tired of feeling unwell and I was searching for answers and help. The BEST system was spot on with its diagnosis and is always very interesting to see exactly where your bodies weaknesses are. With advice from Hayley on supplements to support my body and get the best results I was finally able to understand my body's needs and within a short space of time started feeling well and energized again! 

I now see Hayley on a maintenance programme to monitor my progress
and prevent 
my body from getting run down again!

Debra Richardson, Westville

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

We are very fortunate to have met Hayley, who successfully treated my son’s chronic, silent reflux. After battling with Harry’s reflux, severe pain and many different S5 medications, we heard about the BEST technique and met with Hayley. The next step for Harry would have been surgery, which we really wanted to avoid. With the help of Hayley and her suggested dietary changes and supplements for Harry, we were successful in managing his reflux.

Within one week, he stopped waking at night with chronic pain – before he would scream for up to an hour at times. We stopped all his reflux medication and persevered with the diet and supplements, which have truly helped Harry. We are so grateful to Hayley for helping our little boy – no more pain or chronic medication! Her guidance and assistance has been invaluable.

Nikki Evans, Durban

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

My name is Christy-Joy Webster and I am a registered nurse by profession. Having this medical background I have never had much time for alternative medicine, thinking it was airy fairy and unscientific. That is until I had my first appointment with Hayley! Let me back track a little to give you the circumstances that got me there!

Early in 2010 my mom was exposed to BEST technology at the school where she teaches.  A BEST practitioner came to offer the service and my mom went and was very impressed with how it worked and what it could tell. Being a healthy person, my mom appreciated the nutritional route of prevention and treatment that this practice takes on health.

I had had measles very badly that year and was struggling to get back to health again, so my mom suggested I go for an appointment with a BEST practitioner. I was totally anti going, and just ignored her. I got sick a few more times with flu and then with food poisoning. I also had a reoccurring lump in my left leg, that my dermatologist and GP both dismissed as nothing serious (even though I had had a malignant melanoma removed from the skin on my ankle on that same leg, in 2002). All this time my mom was still nagging me to go for an appointment with a BEST practitioner. I was stubborn and didn’t go on purpose.

In October 2010 the lump in my leg came back a third time, and to cut a long story short it was malignant melanoma in my lymph system. This diagnosis does not have a very positive prognosis, and I had to undergo surgery and preventative cancer treatment called interferon. The treatment worked like a very aggressive immune stimulant. The side effects were horrendous. By the end of February 2011 it was all over, and I had to go back to life as normal.

My body did not look any different after the treatment to before, so everyone, including myself assumed I was all good. But as I tried to take off where I left off I soon realised that I was not coping. All the doctors’ tests told me all was fine, so I did not know why my hair was falling out in chunks and I was so low and lacking energy. My mom began to suggest I see a BEST practitioner again... so I made an appointment with Hayley to get my mom off my case.

When I got to the appointment I was asked to fill in a form with my details and my medical/surgical history. I was so defensive I decided not to write anything. My attitude was that if this alternative therapy was so good it should prove itself! When I got into the consultation room I told Hayley I was a nurse and didn’t believe in this stuff – rather rude! Anyway, Hayley was very gracious and proceeded with the consult. As she proceeded she said to me “what has happened to your body?”  I still didn’t tell her, but just let her continue. It was when she asked me if my hair was falling out that I told her my story. She said she could see all my organs were highly stressed and she had picked up the cancer signal as well as the signals indicating a deficient immune system. At this point I cried as I was not prepared to hear that. Hayley was very kind and explained how detoxing and supplementing nutritionally could help my body recover.

Well, that visit began a journey of finding the strength and courage to respect the delicate balances of my body, mind and spirit. I thank God I went to Hayley, because thanks to the BEST technology I got a non-invasive picture of my how my body was doing. Hayley has walked with me on this journey and I make sure I see her before I see my oncologist, as I trust her results more than the medical ones! What a turnaround for me!! Thus, if you are considering making an appointment – delay no longer... you have nothing to lose! It may change your life, like it has mine. Thank you Hayley

Christy-Joy Webster, Johannesburg

                           - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I was given Hayley's contact details about 3 and a half years ago. I had been trying to fall pregnant for around 8 years. We had tried numerous attempts at IVF and ICSI and I had been diagnosed a few years prior with polycystic ovary syndrome. We had lost twins at 24 weeks and had two miscarriges after that. I was a bit sceptical to see Hayley as dealing with infertility is a very personal matter and I wasnt sure what or if seeing Hayley would benefit me. The minute i met Hayley she made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease. She put me on a three week detox eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar from my diet. As well as a few supplements which she explained would help detox the effects from my previous fertility treatments, balance my fluctuating blood sugar and improve my general health. After the first week I felt so full of life and had an enormous amount of engery which I have never had before. Three weeks down I felt fantastic and even lost a kg or two. We decided to attempt one last IVF and finally fell pregnant. We have gorgeous triplets who are 2.5 years old today. I honestly do believe that Hayley had a major role to play in balancing my hormones and getting rid of all the toxins and I would highly recommend her.  

Name withheld, Durban.

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