Wellness encompasses a state of mind and body where you are functioning optimally with vitality and enthusiasm. Nutritional consulting combined with B.E.S.T. system analysis is the perfect combination to determine the corrective path that needs to be taken for you to achieve wellness.

A one and half hour session will cover:

 - bio energetic stress testing of organs and systems (lymphatic, digestive, endocrine) via acupressure points on the fingers and toes to give an overall assessment of the body’s health.

 - food and/or environmental sensitivities test

 - print outs of the above plus a nutritional programme and advice on appropriate supplementation or detoxification therapies to get you on the path to wellness.

- a balancing remedy, tailor-made for your body from a list of over 40,000 possible remedies in the database including nutritional, homoeopathic, herbal, flower essences and enzymes, which kickstarts your body’s healing process.

 For further information on bio meridian stress testing look on their website www.biomeridian.com

**Disclaimer ** 
The advice received from Hayley Wylie is designed to educate clients so that they can make informed decisions and accept responsibility for their own health. The MSAS Professional unit is not a medical diagnostic instrument and any advice given by practitioners is not intended to replace medical help or any other form of professional treatment or therapy. Should you require medical advice, professional diagnosis or opinion, please speak to your physician. 
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