Hayley Wylie is a nutritional consultant and B.E.S.T. practitioner based in quiet leafy Westville. Hayley worked in the busy world of marketing and public relations for a number of well known household consumer brands in South Africa and London for 12 years before moving back to Durban with her family in 2007 to put down roots and follow her passion of working in the exciting field of health and wellness.

A two year course in nutritional consulting and a three and a half year stint of working from a well established wellness centre in Westville, led to her opening her own small practice in January 2013 where she combines information from the B.E.S.T. assessment, healing remedies, nutritional and herbal supplementation and lifestyle modifications in her treatments.

Hayley is passionate about the advances being made in the world of nutraceuticals and functional medicine and incorporates the ongoing learnings in this field into her practice.